ArGoSoft Mini Mail Server  v.

ArGoSoft Mini Mail Server is a free application. Mini Mail Server is a perfect solution for travelers. Do you want to use your favorite email client when on the road, but are having problems, becuase connection providers block port 25?

ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Web  v.1.0.63

ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Web Interface is free, and comes with full source code. Almost all the text seen on the web interface is stored in resource files, which makes modification of text, it's translation to other languages very easy.


ArGoSoft Mail Server Pro  v.

ArGoSoft Mail Server is fully functional STMP/POP3/Finger server which will let you turn your computer into the email system. It's very compact, takes only about 1Mb of disk space, does not have any specific memory requirements,

ArGoSoft Time Synchronizer  v.

ArGoSoft Time Synchronizer is a NT/2000/XP service application, which periodically connects to NIST time servers, and synchronizes your computer clock with atomic clock, maintained by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Freeware  v.1.0.02

ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Freeware is a mail server for local domains and users. If you want to deliver mail outside of your server, to the Internet, allow relay option must be activated.

ArGoSoft Mail Server  v.

ArGoSoft Mail Server is a server for users who want to run their own email server. It supports SMTP, POP3, Finger, IMAP and requires 1- 5 Mb disk space. There are three versions of Mail Server: freeware, Plus and Pro.

ArGoSoft Mail Server Plus  v.

Fully functional SMTP/POP3/Finger server. In additionof our freeware version, plus version has passwordprotected administration mode, and web interface, sothat you can use your favorite Web browser to administer it, on access email accounts.

ArGoSoft FTP Server  v.

This FTP server supports all basic FTP commands, passive mode, zipping and unzipping files on the server, Windows shortcuts, and resuming file transfers. It does not limit the number of users,

ArGoSoft FTP Server .NET  v.

FTP server with unique advanced features, such as passive mode, resuming file transfers, windows shortcuts, file archiving directly on the server, DOS shell and more. Continues traditions of our Win32 version of FTP server,

ArGoSoft Local News Server  v.

This software allows you to maintain your own Usenet news groups. It supports unlimited news groups,

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